GeezerCloud Store

Most customers prefer to rent the GeezerCloud device and temperature sensors due to them being a low monthly fee rather than a large up-front investment in equipment. To find out more about renting your GeezerCloud technology, this can be found on the homepage. When you rent the GeezerCloud technology, you don’t need to invest heavily up front to purchase the devices as outlined below. 

For lower value items such as lead extensions, power adapters and consumables such as damage free hanging strips, these can be purchased as and when required in the quantities needed. We do not rent consumable items. We’ll be adding more of these to the website in due course. 

For use in a commercial environment, we recommend you contact us prior to purchasing anything from our ecommerce store. The GeezerCloud device is customised to your exact requirements prior to delivery. Talk us through how you plan to use the GeezerCloud device and we can advice on which options will be most suitable for your needs.