GeezerCloud Device

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Want to own your own GeezerCloud device instead of renting one on a monthly subscription? No problem, you can purchase as many GeezerCloud devices as you require. This GeezerCloud device has been designed to run in exactly the same way as the devices that we supply for customers who are using our renting options. For as long as your monthly subscription remains active for access to the GeezerCloud platform, your device will continue to work.

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Within the GeezerCloud device package you will recieve;

  • 1 x GeezerCloud Device
  • 1 x GeezerCloud Temperature Sensor, 50cm in Length
  • 1 x MicroUSB Wall Plug for Power
  • 1 x Damage Free Hanging Strip
  • 2 x Cable Clips

Should you require additional products to enhance your GeezerCloud device and setup, you can browse through out online store for further products.


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