Automated Temperature Monitoring System

For Compliance With HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and Food Hygiene Legislation

Are you still manually monitoring the temperatures of the many fridges and freezers throughout your business? This is a lot of hard work and takes your skilled staff away from doing what they do best. Automate your temperature checks on the fridges and freezers within your business by simply plugging in a GeezerCloud device. With virtually zero configuration required, the plug and play device is designed to bring automation to your traditional paper based manual temperature checking processes and free up time so you staff can spend their time doing more productive jobs.

Below shows a typical report that is automatically updated for every fridge or freezer you are monitoring. You would be surprised at how much the temperature fluctuates within your fridges and freezers throughout the day, particularly as they are being used more at busy periods within your business. The GeezerCloud device tracks the temperature of your fridges every 60 seconds to ensure your data is kept up to date at all times without you having to lift a finger.

Temperatures can be tracked between -55°C to +125°C within a ±0.5°C of accuracy, which ensures the ambient temperature of your fridges and freezers can be monitored with ease through the fully automated GeezerCloud technology.

How GeezerCloud Works

Simple Plug and Play Technology to Automate Temperature Checks

The GeezerCloud device and technology can be retrofitted to virtually any commercial or domestic fridge or freezer with zero technical skill required to install. Simply plug the device into the nearest plug socket to the fridge or freezer you want to monitor, or double plug socket adapter or extension lead if you are running short of wall plugs, then feed the temperature sensor wire directly into the fridge or freezer by trailing the narrow lead between the door seal at the hinge to keep the wire out of the way. It really is that simple to setup and install! No more manually monitoring the temperature of your fridges and freezers. Let technology do the laborious work for you, so you can focus on more productive tasks such as keeping your customers happy.

The GeezerCloud automated temperature monitoring system works by automatically monitoring the temperature of your fridges and freezers before sending this information to our cloud based processing system through the WiFi connection within your premises. To configure the WiFi connection, simply press the ‘WPS’ button that you will find on the front or back of your router, which is the device that powers the internet and WiFi within your building. We’re on hand to help with any initial connection troubles should you need a little support with this aspect too. In rare circumstances, you may need an additional piece of hardware to either extend the range of your WiFi within your building or an additional router with built in WiFi and WPS technology, which are all very cheap these days. Once the WiFi is configured, you never need to worry about this again. If you ever need to unplug the GeezerCloud device or move to a different location or for cleaning purposes, then when you plug the device back in all of your settings are saved so the device will continue to work again as soon as there is power without you having to do a thing.

Industries Using GeezerCloud

To Automate Their Temperature Checks

GeezerCloud has been designed to work seamlessly across primary industries that requires automated temperature checks between -55 and +125. GeezerCloud is being used by a wide range of industries as can be seen below. Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements if you are unsure how GeezerCloud could be used for your specific needs. 


Catering Establishments

Food Production

Pubs & Bars

Hospitality Establishments

Cafes & Take-a-Ways

Chilled Logistics & Transport


Agriculture & Fruit Producers

GeezerCloud Pricing

Simple Pricing To Scale As You Do

GeezerCloud has been designed to be affordable to businesses of all sizes that require automated temperature monitoring systems, whether you are a small restaurant or if you are a large national chain of restaurants requiring a sophisticated setup of temperature monitoring systems throughout your sites within the UK, GeezerCloud is capable of scaling to the level you need with an affordable small investment.

Larger businesses that require a more sophisticated setup with multi-site and multi-user access to GeezerCloud, please contact us directly to discuss your individual requirements so we can create a tailored solution for your needs. The GeezerCloud platform has been built with adaptability and scalability in mind to ensure we can help you automate your temperature checks with ease. Contact us to find out more.